Data Protection Statement

CANPAK will, in the course of it's business, collect some data and details on it's suppliers and clients, which will be deemed personal data within the headings of the European Unions's GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation and the associated Irish legislation.

CANPAK is required to gather personal information, and at times documentation validating that data, so as to adhere to the regulatory obligations outlined here:

• To carry out client and supplier contracts
• To carry out communications with CANPAK’s customers and suppliers
• To adhere to the legal and taxation obligations of CANPAK
• To adhere to the requirements to mitigate against fraudulent payments

CANPAK will share some personal information with 3rd parties and companies who supply data processing services to CANPAK e.g accountancy or audit services. Such information processing companies are required to treat this information with confidentiality and only process it as instructed by CANPAK.

Other personal data recipients may include taxation and compliance authorities in Ireland and other countries where a taxation or regulatory requirements for CANPAK, it's suppliers or customers is in place. CANPAK’s Auditor or Accountant may be in receipt of personal information that it requires for the purposes of preparing business accounts or auditing those accounts.

Personal Data will be stored by CANPAK and will be held safe, and only managed access to the data will be permitted. All Personal information will be held for a minimum term of seven years after the relevant business relationship has ended.

All Data Subjects have the right to access their personal information kept by CANPAK and they have the right to edit any inaccuracies, or request the data be deleted by making a request to: Canpak Limited, Merrywell Business Park, Ballymount Road, Dublin 12, Ireland or emailing . All Data Subjects have the right to make a complaint to the Data Protection Commission .