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This is the Cookie Policy of Canpak Limited of Merrywell Business Park, Ballymount Road, Dublin 12, Ireland (hereby referred to as “the company”, “us” and “we”). The purpose of this Cookie Policy document is to inform all parties on how CANPAK website cookies are processed on the internet devices of website visitors to

This Cookie Policy is to be read in conjunction with our Privacy Policy.

When you visit our website you will be notified that the website uses cookies, and you will be asked to confirm that you wish to accept the use of our cookies, agree to our Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy and Data Protection statement and that you wish to proceed to use this web site. This check is performed by way of a website ‘popup bar’ that requires you to engage with it to acknowledge agreement. By accepting the use of these website cookies, you are accepting the terms of this Cookie Policy and you agree to abide by the terms.

What Is A Website Cookie?

A website ‘cookie’ is a small data file that a website asks your internet browser to store on the internet device (e.g. computer, laptop, smart phone or any internet enabled device) storage medium. This allows the website to ‘remember’ some or all of your actions and preferences over a period of time when you interacted with that website. The vast majority of internet browsers support the use of cookies but users can set their browsers to decline some or all of these cookies. Users can also delete some or all cookies at any time.

How Cookies Are Used On A Website

The two main uses of cookies:

1. Session Cookies

2. Persistent Cookies

1. A Session Cookie is a temporary cookie that is not stored on your computer or mobile device. They are used as part of the registration process for financial security purposes. Session cookies are also used to remember language preferences when visiting a site. These session cookies are deleted when the internet browser is closed, or after 20 minutes of inaction.

2. A Persistent cookie on the other hand is a cookie file placed on your computer or mobile device for a set amount of time once you visit a website. A website only places a cookie on your computer that is specific to that website. The website uses both types of cookie formats.

Cookies used on the site: cookiesDirective, evoxitijr, testcookie9521, cookiesDisclosureCount

Data That May Be Logged By CANPAK

Some technical details in connection with website visitor visits to the website may be recorded by our ISP (Internet Service Provider) for legal, system and statistical purposes. Such technical, internet traffic details are confined to the following list:

- The Internet Device IP address of the visitor’s PC or mobile device

- The URL (Unified Resource Locator) e.g. the web link of the website page or pages that were visited

- The website URL from which the visitor came to link to a page on This may include search terms used if the source of that link was a search engine like Google or Bing.

- Google analytics (website statistics) packages that shows website visitor statistics

- The brand and software version number of the internet browser and pc/mobile-device operating system used by the web site visitor.

CANPAK Uses The Above Information To Perform The Following Tasks

- Be aware when a web site visitor travels between various website pages. This would be used to see which web pages have the most internet visitors.

- Study the general website visitor traffic numbers to see what the next marketing move or edit to our website should be e.g. delete or amend old content, new website features and pages that should be added.

- Focus our business marketing work on areas where we believe it is needed now or will be in the near future.

- Ensure the website visitor's user experience is the best it can be.

The website has no 'sign up' functionality where the web site visitor enters personal in order to create a login account. We do have a contact form and that requires the website visitor to read and agree to our terms before the data is submitted to us. In that contact form the website visitor submits their name, phone number, email address and a message, and that data is then securely sent to our secure email accounts. We always treat such personal data according to our Privacy Policy. CANPAK does not gather individual identifiable information unless the web site visitor volunteers such data.

Managing Your Website Cookies

Your internet browser gives you control over your acceptance of cookies or your refusal of cookies. Most modern browsers will allow you to refuse, accept or delete all website cookies at any time. You can delete the cookies for one website and accept new cookies for another website.

Third Party Cookies

Some web site cookies that have been set on our website may not be related to CANPAK. CANPAK has no control over the use of any embedded content that is provided by a third party, e.g. Facebook buttons, YouTube videos.

If you are engaging with any embedded website content on the website that is provided by a 3rd party (e.g. Google, Twitter, Facebook etc.) you are acknowledging that CANPAK has no control of any privacy or cookie practices or procedures of these 3rd party companies. CANPAK does not control the use of any cookies by 3rd party companies and cannot access them, and these cookies can only be accessed by the 3rd party companies who originally set those cookies on your internet device.

Users of the CANPAK website should familiarise themselves with the CANPAK Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy of the third party company in question.

Third Party Websites

If a website visitor clicks and follows a link to a third party website not controlled by CANPAK Ltd, then it is the website visitor’s responsibility to familiarise themselves with any applicable Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and Data Protection Statement relevant to that 3rd party website.

Contact Details

If you have any questions about our Cookie Policy, the practices of the website or any dealings with CANPAK Ltd, please contact:

Canpak Limited,
Merrywell Business Park,
Ballymount Road,
Dublin 12

Or email .

We cannot deal with any Cookie Policy related matters over the phone so please email us or write to the above company address.

Cookie Policy Changes

CANPAK reserves the right to amend this Cookie Policy document at any time, without notice. Changes become effective as soon as the revised Cookie Policy is on the website. Website visitors should regularly check this Cookie Policy document for any changes.

Cookie Policy Updated: June 2018